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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The rambles will continue soon.

So I have not blogged in a while. I've thought about it, and I have quite a few things typed up and ready to go, but life has been happening in full force and my sit down and blog time has shrunken. But it's a New Year and time management is something I would really love to focus on this year, so yea, you're going to be hearing a lot more rambles about Jesus from me.

Since I last blogged, so much has happened.  I've had experiences with Jesus, angels, and more. I've had some experiences that I'm sure I'm allowed to share, but won't just yet because of how insane they really sound.  I've experienced things that have surprised me, while they were happening I was thinking, "Is this really happening?".  If I were to just blurt these out, I would be written off as a lunatic.   Not that those opinions are going to stop me, but I'm just going to wait till I feel led to share these things.  

This year, some of the things I really am excited about blogging about are angels, homosexuality, dreams and visions, grace, negativity vs positivity, and why I'm confident about  the Bible being something I can live my life around.   I'm planning on posting something by the end of the week, and trying to post every Friday night this year.

I really look forward to continuing this blog this year and hope that some of you are looking forward to it as well.

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  1. Life really can get crazy sometimes, but I'm glad to know you won't let that stop you. I've always enjoyed hearing what you have to say and getting your perspective, and am definitely looking forward to reading your new posts. Also, if you're able to do them more often that would really be cool. :D Thanks for the update!